§ 604.



Every Operator maintaining a place of business in this City and County as provided in Section 603 herein, and Renting parking space in a Parking Station in this City and County to an Occupant who is not exempted under Section 606 or Section 608 of this Article or elsewhere in this Code, shall at the time of collecting the Rent from the Occupant, collect the Parking Tax from the Occupant and on demand shall give to the Occupant a Receipt that meets the requirements of Article 22 of this Code. In all cases in which the Parking Tax is not collected by the Operator, as aforesaid, the Operator shall be liable to the Tax Collector of the City and County for the amount of Parking Tax due on the amount of taxable Rent collected from the Occupant under the provisions of this Article the same as though the Parking Tax were paid by the Occupant. In all cases of transactions upon credit or deferred payment, the remittance or payment of Parking Tax to the Tax Collector may be deferred in accordance therewith, and the Operator shall be liable therefore at the time and to the extent that such credits are paid or deferred payments are made in accordance with the rate of tax owing on the amount thereof.


Unless the Operator can provide an explanation or other sufficient proof that the Enforcing Agency in its sole discretion deems to be credible to establish the validity of a claim for a Lost Ticket or an otherwise Unaccounted Ticket (as those terms are defined in Section 2201 of Article 22 of this Code), every Lost Ticket and Unaccounted Ticket shall be considered as a full value Parking Ticket for which the Operator is liable for transmitting to the City the full value of the Parking Tax and surcharge required under this Code applicable to the highest maximum daily rate charged for any parking space without discount, except that an Operator shall be allowed an Unaccounted Ticket Ratio of 1.5 percent for each Parking Station that it operates (as that term is defined and used in Article 22 of this Code) in a reporting period, for which the Operator may not be liable for failure to remit the Parking Tax.


The Operator shall have the burden of explaining and establishing the validity of Lost Tickets and Cancelled Transactions, as those terms are defined in Article 22 of this Code. The Enforcing Agency may consider a verifiable statement signed by the Occupant claiming a Lost Ticket that includes the Occupant’s name, address, telephone number, the Occupant’s Motor Vehicle license plate number, the time of entry and the time of exit as sufficient proof of a valid Lost Ticket transaction. An Operator shall maintain a log of all Lost Tickets and Cancelled Transactions. The Enforcing Agency may consider in its sole and absolute discretion an Operator’s log of Cancelled Transactions or Lost Ticket transactions that includes the cashier or attendant’s name and/or Log File identification number who processed the Transaction, the date and time of the Transaction, and a credible reason for processing the transaction as a Lost Ticket transaction.


The Tax Collector shall have the power to adopt rules and regulations prescribing methods and schedules for the collection and payment of the tax and such methods and schedules shall provide that the fractional part of 1 cent shall be disregarded unless it amounts to ½ of 1 cent or more, in which case the amount (determined without regard to the fractional part of 1 cent) shall be increased by 1 cent.


(Amended by Ord. 395-84, App. 9/20/84; Ord. 20-98, App. 1/16/98; Ord. 234-06, File No. 060892, App. 9/14/2006; Ord. 291-10, File No. 101099, App. 11/18/2010; Ord. 189-12 , File No. 120407, App. 9/11/2012, Eff. 10/11/2012)


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