§ 602A.


The term “rent,” as defined in Section 601(f), shall be deemed to include the total charges required to be paid by an occupant (including but not limited to, any separately stated valet or service labor charge) in connection with the use or occupancy of parking space; provided that nothing herein shall require the payment of parking tax on the sale of petroleum products, automobile parts, or the like, or the rendering of services (including car-wash services) totally unconnected with the use or occupancy of parking space. The Board of Supervisors hereby declares its intent that from its initial enactment, the parking tax was intended to include and exclude the charges set forth in this Section 602A. The Board of Supervisors further declares that the addition of this Section 602A is not intended to make any substantive change in the Parking Tax Ordinance, but is enacted for clarification purposes only.


(Added by Ord. 74-72, App. 4/3/72; amended by Ord. 20-98, App. 1/16/98)


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