§ 6.19-4.



Separate and Continuing Violations; Penalties Paid Do Not Cure Violations. Each and every day that a violation exists constitutes a separate and distinct offense. Each section violated constitutes a separate violation for any day at issue. If the person or persons responsible for a violation fail to correct the violation, subsequent administrative citations may be issued for the same violation(s). Payment of the penalty shall not excuse the failure to correct the violation nor shall it bar any further enforcement action by the City. If penalties and costs are the subject of administrative appeal or judicial review, then the accrual of such penalties and costs shall be stayed until the determination of such appeal or review is final.


Payments to City; Due Date; Late Payment Penalty. All penalties assessed shall be payable to the City and County. Administrative penalties and costs assessed by means of an administrative citation shall be due within 30 days from the date of the citation. The failure of any person to pay an administrative penalty and costs within that time shall result in the assessment of an additional late fee. The amount of the late fee shall be 10 percent of the total amount of the administrative penalty assessed for each month the penalty and any already accrued late payment penalty remains unpaid.


Collection of Penalties; Special Assessments. The failure of any person to pay a penalty assessed by administrative citation within the time specified on the citation constitutes a debt to the City. The City may file a civil action, create and impose liens as set forth below, or pursue any other legal remedy to collect such money.


Liens. The City may create and impose liens against any property owned or operated by a person who fails to pay a penalty assessed by administrative citation. The procedures provided for in Section 6.10-3 shall govern the imposition and collection of such liens.


(Added by Ord. 177-01, File No. 010826, App. 8/17/2001; amended by Ord. 26-04, File No. 031990, App. 2/19/2004; Ord. 291-10, File No. 101099, App. 11/18/2010)

(Former Sec. 6.19-4 renumbered as Sec. 6.19-1 by Ord. 290-00, File No. 001627, App. 12/22/2000)


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