§ 6.19-1.


In addition to the actions provided for in Section 6.10-3, the Tax Collector may bring a civil action to enjoin any violation of the Business and Tax Regulations Code. No person shall conduct business without the certificate of authority required under Section 6.6-1 or without the San Francisco business registration certificate required under Section 853 of Article 12. The Tax Collector may seek an injunction to prohibit any such person from doing business in San Francisco until such time as the violation is cured. Such injunction shall issue notwithstanding that judicial review of the Tax Collector’s action regarding such certificate of authority or business registration certificate has not been completed. The Tax Collector shall be entitled to its attorneys’ fees and costs in any action brought pursuant to this Section where the Tax Collector is the prevailing party.


(Added as Sec. 6.19-4 by Ord. 18-98, App. 1/16/98; renumbered by Ord. 290-00, File No. 001627, App. 12/22/2000; amended by Ord. 26-04, File No. 031990, App. 2/19/2004)

(Former Sec. 6.19-1 added by Ord. 18-98; repealed by Ord. 290-00; Ord. 291-10, File No. 101099, App. 11/18/2010)


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