§ 370.


Any electrical musical device operated or maintained to be operated in violation of this Article or any ordinances of the City and County of San Francisco or the rules and regulations of any state or municipal departments concerned shall be deemed to be a public nuisance, and any such electrical musical device so operated or maintained to be operated shall be impounded by the Director of Public Works; and, if any court of competent jurisdiction shall determine that said electrical musical device, or the use or operation thereof, violates or has violated any of said ordinances, the rules or regulations, said electrical musical device shall be confiscated by said Director of Public Works; but, if said electrical musical device is one which may be legally operated under the provisions of this Article and is seized for the failure of the owner or operator thereof to obtain the necessary permit or to pay the necessary license fee for the maintenance or operation of said electrical musical device, said electrical musical device shall be dealt with as provided in Section 366 of this Article.


(Added by Ord. 785, App. 8/21/40)


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