§ 350.


As used in this Article, the following words shall have the following respective meanings:

“Electrical Musical Device” shall mean any machine, apparatus or device operated or which may be operated by electricity and designed or constructed for the purpose of producing or playing any musical tone or tones or combination of tones; and the use, operation or playing of such machine, apparatus or device which is permitted or allowed by the deposit of any coin, slug or token in any slot or receptacle attached to said machine, apparatus or device, or connected therewith; and which machines, apparatus or device does not dispense any Article or thing and cannot be operated as a game or contest.

“Owner or Operator of an Electrical Musical Device” shall mean:


Any owner of such electrical musical device who operates or permits same to be operated in his place of business or in any place under his control, or who installs or maintains to be operated the same in any place where the same can be operated by person in or about said place;


The person in whose place of business any such electrical musical device is placed for the use or patronage of the public or of persons in or about said place;


Any person having control over such electrical musical device.

“Person” shall mean any corporation, association, syndicate, joint stock company, partnership, club, Massachusetts business or common law trust, society or individual.


(Added by Ord. 785, App. 8/21/40)


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