§ 2303.


The City and County of San Francisco has very significant unfunded transportation needs and this $10 vehicle registration fee increase would provide a stable source of funding to meet some of those needs. The fee is expected to generate approximately $5 million annually that the Authority would use to fund projects and programs under the Expenditure Plan that mitigate congestion and pollution caused by motor vehicles in San Francisco. These projects and programs could include repairing local streets and roads, improving Muni’s reliability, pedestrian safety improvements, smart traffic signal technology to prioritize transit and manage traffic incidents, and programs that encourage people to use more sustainable forms of transportation, e.g. transit, bicycle, carpool or on foot. All of the projects and programs must have a relationship or benefit to the persons paying the fee. The Expenditure Plan contains guiding principles intended to, among other objectives, focus on funding smaller, high-impact projects that will quickly provide tangible benefits; provide a fair geographic distribution that takes into account the various needs of San Francisco’s neighborhoods; and ensure accountability and transparency in programming and delivery.


(Added by Prop. AA, App. 11/2/2010)


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