§ 2225.



The Enforcing Agency, the District Attorney, the Police Department and the City Controller or authorized representatives of those agencies shall have the authority to inspect Parking Stations, RCE, RCE Records, and books of account to ensure that an Operator is in compliance with this Article, that all required RCE is functioning as required by this Article, and that Rent and Parking Taxes are accurately reported and collected.


In enforcing the provisions of this Article, the Enforcing Agency may use all authority granted to it by law, including but not limited to its authority to audit and inspect, investigate, attach liens, revoke licenses, revoke certificates of registration, revoke certificates of authority, issue administrative citations, and seize and sell property under the Business and Tax Regulations Code.


The Enforcing Agency is authorized to promulgate regulations and issue rules, interpretations, and determinations consistent with the purposes of this Article as may be necessary and appropriate to implement or enforce the provisions of this Article.


An Operator is strictly liable for the acts of its employees, managers, and agents that violate any provision of this Article.


(Added by Ord. 234-06, File No. 060892, App. 9/14/2006; amended by Ord. 292-10, File No. 101100, App. 11/18/2010)


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