§ 2203.



Unless specifically exempted in this Article, a Parking Station must utilize functioning RCE that meets the requirements of this Article whenever the Operator charges Rent for Occupancy.


RCE must record all Transactions either to a Log File or to a Journal Tape, as required by this Article.


An Operator shall utilize RCE meeting the requirements of this Article to track and account for Transactions and to record and account for Rent received and Parking Taxes to be collected and remitted to the Tax Collector.


Neither an Operator nor any of its Affiliates, agents or employees shall have more than a 5 percent ownership interest or other monetary, equitable, or secured interest in the manufacturer of, vendor of or Service Agent for the RCE used in any Parking Station controlled by said Operator.


In any case in which the Operator has an ownership interest of any kind or any amount in the manufacturer of, vendor of or Service Agent for the RCE used in any Parking Facility under the control of the Operator, the Operator shall not have access to the source code or access to any part of the RCE software, hardware, data storage devices, or other RCE equipment that would allow the Operator to modify or delete RCE Records or other data that is generated or stored in the RCE, including but not limited to Rents charged, monies for Rent collected, Occupancy Periods, and Parking Taxes collected or owed.


All RCE that contains a time clock or recorder must meet or exceed the specifications, tolerances, performance and testing standards for time clocks and time recorders set out in the NIST Book 44, Section 5.55, as it may from time to time be amended. Time clocks, time recorders and other timing devices incorporated or used in RCE must be electronic and must not be capable of recalibration or other adjustment other than setting the current time and date.


(Added by Ord. 234-06, File No. 060892, App. 9/14/2006; Ord. 292-10, File No. 101100, App. 11/18/2010)


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