§ 1304.


The Manager shall determine whether the proposed connection and associated system is compatible with the electrical requirements of the Police Department Terminal Alarm Panel and shall designate the manner of connection and the technical standards which are applicable thereto. He shall in accordance therewith furnish the authorized agency an estimate of the cost of making said connection or extension of connection. Upon written order of the authorized agency the Department shall proceed to make said connection or extension of connection at the sole expense of the authorized agency. Should the authorized agency desire the abandonment or termination of subscriber service a request therefor shall be made in writing to the Department indicating the date of termination, which notice shall be given at least 10 days prior to said termination date. The Department after prior notification to the Chief shall make such disconnection or termination as requested by the authorized agency at the sole expense of said authorized agency.


(Added by Ord. 223-63, App. 8/29/63)


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