§ 1303.


A separate application in writing shall be filed for each and every connection desired and no alarm system subject to permit shall be installed until such application has been approved and a permit granted as herein provided. Such application shall state the name and address of the authorized agency, the name and address of the subscriber, if any, for whom the alarm service is to be provided, the nature of the business conducted by said subscriber, the location of the proposed installation and such other essential information regarding the proposed installation as may be required. Applications shall be filed with the Chief, who shall conduct such investigation as he may deem proper as to the justification for the alarm connection in the public interest and may deny said application when, in his opinion, good cause exists therefor. Applications approved by the Chief shall be so endorsed by him and forwarded to the Manager for further action.


(Added by Ord. 223-63, App. 8/29/63)


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