§ 860.


If a person fails to comply with any provision of this Article or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto, the Tax Collector, after giving such person 15 days notice in writing specifying the time and place of the hearing and requiring such person to show cause why his or her registration certificate or registration certificates should not be revoked, may revoke any one or more of the registration certificates held by such person. The notice shall be served in the same manner prescribed for the service of a notice of a deficiency determination under Article 6. The Tax Collector shall not issue a new registration certificate after the revocation of a registration certificate unless the registrant complies with the provisions of the Business and Tax Regulations Code and the rules and regulations adopted thereunder.


(Added by Ord. 63-01, File No. 010274, App. 4/25/2001; amended by Ord. 26-04, File No. 031990, App. 2/19/2004; Ord. 206-13 , File No. 130784, App. 10/11/2013, Eff. 11/10/2013)


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