§ 856.1.



A holder of a registration certificate as defined in Section 852.2 shall apply to the Tax Collector for a duplicate certificate if the original certificate has been lost or destroyed. The registration certificate holder shall give an affidavit to the Tax Collector stating that the affiant is the person to whom the Tax Collector has issued the registration certificate and that the registration certificate was lost or destroyed. The registration certificate holder shall pay a fee for the issuance of the duplicate registration certificate in the amount of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00).


If the Tax Collector determines that the affiant has satisfied all of the requirements of this Article, including the payment of all outstanding liabilities owed to the City as enumerated in Section 856 of this Article, the Tax Collector shall issue a duplicate registration certificate. The duplicate registration certificate shall be plainly marked or stamped as a duplicate. The Tax Collector shall enter the fact of the duplicate in the Tax Collector’s files. The Tax Collector shall maintain a record of the alleged loss or destruction, whether or not the duplicate certificate is issued.


(Added by Ord. 196-06, File No. 060781, App. 7/21/2006)


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