§ 5.


Permits affecting a change of the use or occupancy theretofore authorized by the City Planning Commission for a building or structure, or by the provisions of Chapter II (City Planning Code) Part II of the San Francisco Municipal Code, which change requires approval of the City Planning Commission, permits for moving of buildings from one site to another, and permits for new buildings and structures other than billboards erected for outdoor advertising display, shall be posted on the premises or property affected as hereinafter provided in this Section; provided, however, in the event any other Section of this Code or any ordinance of the City and County shall provide for the posting on the premises or property or advertising in the official newspaper of the City and County of any such permit or application for the same, the provisions of this Section shall not apply. Within two days after the issuance of said permits the department or officer issuing the same shall cause a copy thereof and the notice described in Section 6 hereof to be posted in a conspicuous place on the subject property or location affected by said permit. Posting shall be made on each lot on which a structure affected is located or is to be located, unless any such structure occupies more than one lot, in cases both of individual and multiple construction. Said copy shall remain so posted until the expiration of the 10-day period provided for appeal from the issuance of said permit.


(Amended by Ord. 6007, App. 5/3/50)


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