§ 22.


On the filing of any application for the issuance or transfer of a permit for any purpose specified in this Section, or the filing of a notice of intention to revoke any permit, except in any case where such proposed revocation is due to the failure to pay the fee fixed by law or ordinance, the department responsible for the approval of such application, shall fix the time and place of hearing thereon, which shall be not less than 10 nor more than 20 days from the filing of said application, and shall cause to be conspicuously posted upon the premises involved in such application not less than 10 days before said public hearing, notice of such application and the time and place of hearing thereon. Said notice shall also set forth the name of the applicant and the purpose for which the application is made. The department in which the application is filed shall cause said notice to be posted. The lettering of the words in said notice, “Notice of Application forPermit,” shall be one-inch type, and all other lettering shall be one-half-inch type. After the posting of said notice the applicant shall maintain said notice as posted the required number of days.

The classes of permits referred to in this Section are: Service stations, commercial parking permits, public repair garages, public storage garages, commercial and truck garages, automobile sales garages, hospitals of any character, including hospitals for sick animals, dog kennels, places of refuge and detention, laundries including laundry delivery services doing business in San Francisco, junkyards or premises, livery stables, riding academies and riding schools, pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, secondhand clothing dealers and secondhand furniture dealers, encounter studios, retail firearms dealers, nursing homes, day nurseries, nursery schools, play schools, kindergartens, and children’s institutions, but shall not include private family boarding homes for aged or children.


(Amended by Ord. 355-85, App. 7/12/85; Ord. 219-10, File No. 100639, App. 8/12/2010)


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