§ 12.


Notices of hearing appeals shall be sent by the Secretary of the Board by United States mail to the appellant and all other parties interested as shown by the record of the Board at such time before the hearing as the rules of the Board may prescribe, and the certificate of the Secretary of mailing said notices shall be evidence thereof. In addition, notice of the hearing shall be sent to all owners and, to the extent practical, occupants of properties within 150 feet of the property that is the subject ofFthe appeal in the same Assessor’s Block and on the block face across from the subject property. When the subject property is a corner lot, notice shall further include all property on both block face across from the subject property, and the corner property diagonally across the street. The latest City-wide Assessor’s roll for names and addresses of owners shall be used for said notice.


(Ord. 173-06, File No. 060143, App. 6-29-06)


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